Lot Madeleine



A self-described “visual-writer”, Lot Madeleine started off by writing thought-provoking sentences on old wood found on the streets of the city. Her style developed onto different surfaces, including canvas, but her love for every-day objects is what makes her unique. Painting and writing on skate decks, plates, iPhone cases, etc. allow her art and thought-process to be accessible on every-day items. Her well-received style has brought her to a place where she is able to work with brands such as Scotch & Soda, Vans and Absolute Vodka (amongst others). Schooled by Amsterdam-legend Piet Parra and inspired by the likes of Laser 3.14, she takes art to a very accessible area. Thought provoking, street and perfect for your home. Welcome to Lot Madeleine’s world. 

Lot Madeleine

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Skateboard by Lot Madeleine with text "A Ride With Pain Is More Fun"
A Ride With Pain Is More Fun - Lot Madeleine


€55.00 €70.00
Front of wooden plank painted by Lot Madeleine
Lighters with handwritten text by Lot Madeleine
Lighters - Lot Madeleine


Back of iPhone 4 cover from Lot Madeleine
Phone Cover - Lot Madeleine

Phone Cover

Postcard from Lot Madeleine
Postcard - Lot Madeleine


We Dream The Same Dreams - Lot Madeleine